🚀 Are you ready to redefine your career, your life, and your future? 🚀

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a groundbreaking step towards a life filled with boundless opportunities, unparalleled flexibility, and continuous growth. It's more than a career choice; it's a transformative journey that empowers you to set your own hours, work with clients you adore, and foster an unquenchable thirst for learning.

The Virtual Assistant Revolution: A Life-Altering Path

Imagine waking up every morning with the freedom to design your work-life balance on your terms. Say goodbye to the daily grind of tedious commutes and strict office hours. As a Virtual Assistant, you're the architect of your time and the master of your destiny, and here's why it's genuinely life-changing:

🌟 Freedom to Choose: Craft your workday according to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Your time, your rules.

🌟 Client Harmony: Select clients who resonate with your values and passions, creating not just professional relationships but true connections.

🌟 Eternal Learning: In the dynamic world of virtual assistance, every project is an opportunity to learn and grow. Challenge yourself, evolve, and continue thriving.

🌟 Financial Empowerment: Your income is no longer dictated by someone else. Your earnings correlate with your skills, dedication, and the value you provide.

What Awaits You:

🚀 Guided Progress: Our program offers a meticulously structured journey, ensuring that you're never overwhelmed or lost. Your path to success is illuminated.

🚀 Skills Mastery: Develop a broad spectrum of skills sought after by clients, from managing administrative tasks to expertly handling social media, making you indispensable.

🚀 Client Acquisition Mastery: Learn the art of pitching your services effectively, securing your initial clients, and creating a loyal customer base.

🚀 Confidence Amplification: Cultivate the self-assurance to approach potential clients, highlighting your newfound skills, knowledge, and determination.

🚀 Community of Support: Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals who share their experiences, insights, and encouragement, providing you with an unwavering foundation.

Your Future is Now:

It's time to grasp the reins of your destiny and redefine your perception of work. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is your gateway to a fulfilling, prosperous career where you have complete control.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome + Thank YOU!

    1. Branding Yourself

    2. Productivity + Organization

    3. Creating a Retainer Package

    4. Setting Your Rates

    5. How to Know What Services to Offer

    6. Create Your Website Download

    7. Create Your Website

    8. New Client Welcome Packet

    9. New Client Consultations + Follow-Up

    1. Your Ideal Client/Customer

    2. The Competitor

    3. Your Signature Offer

    4. Your Phenomel Free Offer

    5. Income Stream Calculator

    6. Income Stream - Quick Creator

    1. Blog Planner

    2. Your Marketing Plan

    3. Social Weekly

    4. Social15

    5. 3-Part Video Series

    6. Webinars that Convert

    7. Blank Calendar Download

    1. Creating Your Website

    2. Intro into Websites with WordPress + Squarespace

    3. How to Install WordPress

    4. How to Install a WordPress Theme

    1. Welcome to the List Building / Funnels Lab

    2. Fancy Funnels - Introduction into Funnel Building

    3. List Building + Funnels

    4. 31+ List Building Ideas

    5. Create a Lead Magnet

    6. OPTIN / Landing Page Copy Layout

    7. Email Marketing Systems

    8. After the Optin - Thank You Page

    9. Forms, Autoresponders, & Broadcasts

About this course

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  • 55 lessons


In this laboratory-meets-virtual-classroom, I’m teaching you the exact tips + techniques I share with my VIP clients—the tech-savvy methods that help them:

  • Automate systems to save major time (and make space for serious creativity)

  • Boost mailing lists by 10K, in one year or less

  • Set up unforgettable online trainings

  • Navigate effortlessly through blogging platforms + shopping cart systems

  • Learn how to have clients delegate tech-chores to assistants with confidence

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